The ACRN Organization Goes Beyond Being an Online Radio Station

All Campus Radio Network pic

All Campus Radio Network

A journalism student at Ohio University, Benjamin “Ben” L. Schwartz of Glenview, Illinois splits his time between his educational responsibilities and extracurricular activities in and around Chicago. Ben Schwartz is a passionate music and radio fan and has hosted his own radio show since high school. The Glenview native is also a member of Ohio University’s All Campus Radio Network.

The All Campus Radio Network (ACRN) is a student organization at Ohio University that is open to all students who share an interest in music and radio. ACRN is most widely known as an online radio station. DJs at ACRN play an active role in the station’s operations. They help with running the radio and play music both on the air and at live or mobile events.

ACRN also features numerous departments that welcome students with all kinds of related interests. Students involved with ACRN can do everything from assist with promotions or sales for the station, make videos, or oversee the station’s DJs. Additionally, ACRN maintains a team of students dedicated to social media activity for the station and a team focused on maintains behind-the-scenes operations.

Beyond the radio station, students have the option to write for ACRN. Music journalists write about changes in the music industry while graphic design students help create some of ACRN’s designs. Further, students can choose the music that is played on air or create the on-air ads played by the radio station.