What Is Pitch in Music?

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Music Pitch
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Pitch is a musical term used to describe how high or low musical notes are on the range of possible sounds. Pitch, along with other components such as rhythm, dynamics, timbre, and texture, make up the core elements of music. Pitch itself governs the musical parts of melody, which is the order of notes in a piece, and harmony, which is the intentional use of multiple pitches at the same time.

Scales are often used to illustrate the musical pitches of notes in a piece of music. Scales are ordered by the pitch of each note, often ranging from A to G. The frequency of a note causes it to be perceived as high or low. Frequency is recorded through hertz (Hz), a component in the International System of Units. For example, 880 Hz constitutes a high pitch, while a lower frequency such as 55 Hz would create a low pitch.