Ben Schwartz, GlenviewA college student who hails from a Chicago suburb called Glenview, Benjamin (Ben) L. Schwartz is studying journalism at Ohio University in Athens and is presently seeking an internship with a media company in Chicago. His experience in media dates back to 2012, when he became a DJ and on-air personality with WGBK-FM in Glenview. he conducted a weekly live broadcast, during which he interviewed guests and presented music reviews. Later, Ben L. Schwartz became programming director with WGBK-FM.

Since beginning his collegiate studies at Ohio University, Benjamin Schwartz has remained active in radio by joining the school’s internet station, ACRN Radio Network. He contributes by hosting a streaming program that features music and lively commentary. Moreover, he cues and plays public service announcements and reads out regular news updates.

When he is not working or studying, Ben Schwartz likes reading classic literature such as Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a novel to which he was introduced in his sophomore English class. In terms of music, his favorite artist is Kid Cudi, a hip-hop performer from the Cleveland, Ohio area.