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Job Responsibilities of Journalists

Ohio University pic

Ohio University
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Benjamin “Ben” L. Schwartz has worked as a summer camp assistant for Temple Beth-El, located just outside of Chicago in Glenview, Illinois. Currently, Ben Schwartz of Glenville is a student at Ohio University, where he is a member of the all campus radio network and pursues a journalism degree.

Individuals educated in the field of journalism have the skill set to enter career fields such as correspondents, news analysts, and reporters. Those working in these career fields are often generally referred to as journalists. Journalists can work on the staffs of newspapers, television or radio stations, Internet sites, or magazines, or they can act as freelance journalists. A 2014 survey indicates approximately 54,000 journalist jobs in the United States. In addition approximately 17 percent of journalists reported working on a freelance basis.

Journalists are responsible for keeping the public informed on news and events of interest. This work includes ongoing research into potential news topics. Additionally, journalist often interview individuals who are considered experts in a topic area or involved in a story in some way. Other work duties include writing and reviewing articles, analyzing and presenting information to an audience in an understandable way, and maintaining relationships with news sources and contacts.