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The Skills of a Journalist

Ohio University pic

Ohio University
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Looking to contribute his skills, Benjamin L. Schwartz from Glenview, Illinois, is looking for either a paid or unpaid internship in the Chicago area for the summer of 2017. Formerly a programming director at WGBK-FM in Glenview, Ben L. Schwartz is currently employed with the ACRN Radio Network in Athens, Ohio, where he develops and promotes on-campus events and concerts. He is dedicated to his current internship to expand his skills for his future career as a journalist and reporter.

Several qualities and skills contribute to being a successful journalist. The ability to multitask is a skill a reporter should have, as they will typically need to take instructions from their boss while finding reliable information to develop a story. The reporter should be scanning news sources, viewing related information, and interviewing sources while developing a legitimate, quality story.

Aside from multitasking, a journalist must be an efficient writer. Most people can sit down and write something, but a successful journalist should have immaculate writing skills, so they can effectively write a story that will go deep into into the subject, allowing readers an insightful and comprehensible description of the situation or event.

In addition to multi-tasking and being an efficient writer, a reporter needs to be open-minded. There will always be topics they don’t care for, or that they have strong views on, but in the interest of objectivity and for the sake and their readers, they need to resist the temptation of injecting their own views or biases while covering the story.